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Article: Muse of The Month - The Nat Note

Muse of The Month - The Nat Note

Muse of The Month - The Nat Note

The Nat Note for London Velvet

This month we interviewed Natalie Steen, founder and writer of The Nat Note, our go-to destination for fashion, interiors and gifting inspo. We spent the morning with Natalie talking all things Houston, Texas, hosting and bucket lists.
Tell us about The Nat Note...
The Nat Note is a weekly, fashion-focused newsletter that delivers ready-to-shop style suggestions for women, kids & the home in my signature collages - the "Notes." I’ve been sharing the curated shopping edits with subscribers since 2017.
Can't live without?
My husband.
What did you want to be when you 'grew up'?
A Mum
Favourite cocktail?
Have really been loving Negronis as of late.
Fool proof dinner party dish?
Bucket list - where do you want to go?
Cuba. my entire family is Cuban, but i've never been because of the political state. One day!
Best advice you've ever been given?
One of my Penn Law professors ended the semester with an email that read: “Focus relentlessly on your professional satisfaction. No employer will care nearly as much about that as you should. It's easy to sublimate your satisfaction to every day pressures.  Don't do it! Protect yourself and the value of your career by doing things that matter to you and others.” I’m not practicing law anymore (in large part because I followed this advice!) - but it’s sentiment is widely applicable and still rings true. In short - don’t spend your days not doing what you love.
The Nat Note for London Velvet
What keeps you smiling?
My three children!
Favourite season?
To me fall is the beginning of the best.
Any secret discoveries you've made on a past or recent trip to London?
I visited 5H for the first time in November - I wanted to get lost in there and never be found.
Top three things to do in Houston/Texas?

1. Experience some of our award-winning restaurants - Houston has one of the most diverse restaurant scenes in the country.

2. Find a charming spot to have a margarita. Preferably with some Tex-Mex or BBQ.

3. Visit our world-class museums like The Museum of Fine Arts, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, and Rienzi.

Dream London Velvet design?

The Weekend Bag in Cream & Cornflower Blue - Spring Break ready! 

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