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Our Story

Hello, I'm India,

I founded London Velvet in response to the throw away culture of fast fashion. Swimming against the tide, I rarely bought from the high street and instead found I was drawn to beautiful, tailored pieces that stood the test of time. Some of my greatest inspiration came from my mother’s wardrobe of vintage classics that, while designed decades ago, remained elegant, treasured, timeless and - crucially - in use.

For me personal style and making your mark through quality pieces had been lost amid the constant appetite for new. I wanted well made, stylish accessories that rose above trends, had a whimsical British personality and didn’t cost the earth, so I started to explore the idea of making these myself. Working with the highest quality and most durable materials, I created a small collection of lovingly handmade designs, each one made-to-order, crafted by skilled artisans who were proud of their work. From there, London Velvet was born in 2017. 

We now have a community of loyal customers and a reputation we’ve worked really hard for. We’re known for our top-quality bags and accessories, using the finest leathers, corduroys, velvets and canvases, with personalised, bespoke touches and longevity that few brands can compete with. 

As the business continues to grow I’ve listened to demand for a quicker delivery time on our designs. I wanted London Velvet to be accessible to last minute shoppers while staying true to the slow fashion, lovingly handmade ethos that has underpinned the brand from the very beginning, with absolutely no fabric or material wasted. You can still want something bespoke and beautifully handmade but need it tomorrow! Our atelier in Istanbul produces larger designs such as our luggage and tote bags as made-to-order bespoke items, finished with our signature iconic initialling for those who want the personal touch. Our smaller accessories are produced in the same atelier but in small, limited runs and can be uniquely embossed from our studio in Hungerford, keeping the personalisation process on British soil with a turnaround time that works for those with busy lives.



London Velvet embodies that British knack for tailoring and personalisation with its stylish, timeless designs, crafted by artisans in Istanbul ateliers using the finest leathers, materials and velvet trims.

The brand’s core mission is to avoid mass waste bound for landfill, typically derived from bulk buying material. This is achieved through a dual strategy of creating bespoke made-to-order designs, and stocking limited runs of popular pieces for the atelier to personalise in step with demand. Since its inception in 2017, founder India Clevely has resolved to replace the instant gratification psyche with a recognition of the time and patience needed for bespoke, handmade luxury accessories. The brand focuses on durability, quality, traditional craftsmanship and functionality, and is unique in keeping luxury goods as accessible as a lifelong item can be.

DURABILITY We craft special bags and accessories that will stand the test of time, remaining both stylish and useful for years to come.

TIME We acknowledge and celebrate the time artisans need to craft beautiful, one-off items, while, as a responsible growing brand, simultaneously keeping popular items stocked that can be personalised at speed for those without time on their side.

ZERO-WASTE We believe in minimising waste, and have gone to great lengths to create a waste-free production line, with not even a strip of offcuts. 

QUALITY We believe in genuine quality that is easy to discern from both appearance and touch, using only the finest materials that are meticulously sourced.

PERSONALITY We believe that lifelong accessories should be a reflection of you. Brimming with style, individualism and fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t either.