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This month we interviewed Georgina Preston, a fashion and lifestyle photographer who travels the world with her camera. We caught up with Georgina to chat all-things equestrianism, her favourite adventures, bucket lists and lots more.

Tell us about you..

I am a freelance photographer from the UK, specialising in fashion and travel, and a huge amount of my work is linked to equestrianism. I was lucky enough to grow up around horses and the rural countryside and it has had huge influence on my work and the network I have built. I have had some incredible commissions, including photographing quite a lot of riding holidays, as I can ride whilst photographing - niche! My most recent endeavour has been to George Scott Rides in Andalucia, which my Suede Weekender accompanied me on as the perfect accessory.

What did you want to be when you 'grew up'

I am incredibly fortunate that really, what I did always want to be was a fashion photographer, and somehow that dream has managed to manifest itself. If you had told me as a child the opportunities I would have and the experiences I'd get up to, I honestly never would've believed you. I did go through a stage of wanting to be a hardy horse dealer in Ireland and produce Connemara ponies, but I think I soon realised I was much more suited to the creative industry as I cried every time I had to sell one of them. 

 Favourite cocktail?

A Pina Colada when by the beach; I could drink pints of the stuff. Any other occasion, an Espresso Martini to keep me going!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

  Jilly Cooper - my idol. I had so hoped she would be able to write a line or two for my new photobook 'Pursuit' that is coming out soon. The Mitford Sisters. Helena Bonham Carter. I suppose the theme would be 'well behaved girls seldom make history'.

Bucket List - where is one place you’re dying to get to with your camera? 

Texas, to photograph real, authentic cowboy culture. Zuza Isham is my ultimate girl crush on Instagram, and has literally influenced me into now owning several pairs of full length chaps. The long term plan is to produce a book on the variation of equestrian culture around the world - from Gypsie, Gaucho's, the Mongolian games, Arab racing in Egypt to Spanish Horse Festivals. I find horses extraordinary - there are so many unique ways they are managed, variations of tack, dress to accompany them. They are a common language around the world with such rich history attached to them. I find it fascinating!

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

I can't help but think that a lot of achievement is from not having any advice at all, and having to have figured things out and learned them on your own, carving your own path and learning from mistakes. However my best friend Madeleine Bunbury, a famous equestrian artist, really inspired me to believe in myself and to hustle, grind  and make things happen. Her advice given to me in much more polite terms, but to effectively  'get my shit together' has been the most useful!

Can't live without?

Honestly, my horse and my dog - above all materialistic objects, they are what bring me true happiness and contentment! Secondly, my camera. I feel naked without it.

What makes you howl with laughter?

The TV series, This Country - and my boyfriend referencing it often throughout our lives in Gloucestershire. In fact he makes me howl with laughter every time we are together, as does Madeleine! Derry Girls is another firm TV favourite, as is Ted and Ralph from the Fast Show - niche, but really it's my friends I lean on for entertainment purposes. 

Favourite season? 

Hard to pick a season but the turn of May when the lanes are lined with lace and the countryside blossoms, I feel like there is a real magic in the air. Then in turn, misty mornings in September and the leaves start to turn is equally as exciting. 

One thing you can’t travel without?

About ten camera batteries, constantly on a cycle of charge from power banks. So unexciting, but the mere thought of not having enough charged batteries gives me low key anxiety...! I appreciate that's not the most glamorous or exciting of answers, but the life of a photographer isn't always quite as glamorous as it seems... not that I am knocking it.

Top three trips you’ve photographed… give us some bucket list ideas 

This question has really made me appreciate quite how many adventures I have under my belt, but undoubtedly the standouts have been the Nurpur Bandobast, a week long riding holiday in Pakistan, riding across desert, through villages and salt mines, with two days with the Peshawar Vale Hounds thrown in. We stayed in an extroadinary oasis where minature ponies grazed amongst the roses on the lawns and we played polo in the afternoons. The first riding holiday I photographed was at the Estancia Los Potreros in Argentina, the landscapes were extroadinary, and it was my photographs from there that triggered all of the other trip invitations such as to Jakotango in the south of the country shortly after, where I took some of the most iconic photographs of my career. It's hard to take bad photos in Argentina; the gaucho dress is so rugged and authentic but stylish, the raw hide on the horses, matched with the most beautiful light I have ever seen catching clouds of dust. Thirdly, Kenya where I have been to photograph both Offbeat Riding Safari's and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The animals we saw on the Mara and the work that the Sheldrick do with their Elephant's is so extraordinary, and it has been such a  privilege to have encountered such amazing creatures up close.

You’ve got the Suede weekend bag, what other London Velvet piece would you pair it with for your travels?

The Bottle Bag in Burgundy - I think I would actually remember to stay hydrated in all the crazy hot countries if I actually had something that chic to drink from!


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