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Spring Picks

For those travelling, here’s a little Spring-themed London Velvet inspiration to help ease your trip, or, for those simply looking to upgrade their on-the-move armoury in joyful, spring-time shades.

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The Luxe Beach Bag, Sunshine YellowThe Luxe Beach Bag, Sunshine Yellow
The Passport, Sunshine YellowThe Passport, Sunshine Yellow
The Weekend Bag, Cream & Cornflower BlueThe Weekend Bag, Cream & Cornflower Blue
The Alphabet Clutch, Tropicana TealThe Alphabet Clutch, Tropicana Teal
The Washbag, Tan & TealThe Washbag, Tan & Teal
The Washbag, Tan & Teal Sale price£295.00
The Bottle Bag, Tropicana TealThe Bottle Bag, Tropicana Teal
The Luxe Beach Bag, Tropicana TealThe Luxe Beach Bag, Tropicana Teal
The Glasses Case, TealThe Glasses Case, Teal
The Glasses Case, Teal Sale price£75.00
The Alphabet Clutch, Sunshine YellowThe Alphabet Clutch, Sunshine Yellow
The Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Mustard & BlackThe Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Mustard & Black
The Alphabet Clutch, Citrus OrangeThe Alphabet Clutch, Citrus Orange
The Washbag, Baby Blue & OrangeThe Washbag, Baby Blue & Orange
The Glasses Case, OrangeThe Glasses Case, Orange
The Glasses Case, Orange Sale price£75.00
Aqua/Orange Bottle BagThe Bottle Bag, Aqua & Orange
The Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Pumpkin & ClaretThe Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Pumpkin & Claret
The Phone Pouch, Citrus OrangeThe Phone Pouch, Citrus Orange
The Laptop Case, Aqua & OrangeThe Laptop Case, Aqua & Orange
The Laptop Case, Aqua & Orange Sale priceFrom £325.00
The Alphabet Clutch, Baby Blue & OrangeThe Alphabet Clutch, Baby Blue & Orange
The Passport, Tropicana TealThe Passport, Tropicana Teal
The Phone Pouch, Tropicana TealThe Phone Pouch, Tropicana Teal
The Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Dusty Pink & ClaretThe Oversized Corduroy Tote Bag, Dusty Pink & Claret
The Metallic Alphabet ClutchThe Metallic Alphabet Clutch
The Metallic Alphabet Clutch Sale price£245.00
The Denim Canvas Weekend BagThe Denim Canvas Weekend Bag
The Denim Canvas Weekend Bag Sale price£575.00
The Metallic Star Clutch
The Metallic Star Clutch Sale priceFrom £220.00
The Denim Canvas ToteThe Denim Canvas Tote
The Denim Canvas Tote Sale price£365.00
The Glasses Case, TanThe Glasses Case, Tan
The Glasses Case, Tan Sale price£75.00
The Suede Tote Bag, TanThe Suede Tote Bag, Tan
The Suede Tote Bag, Tan Sale price£645.00
The Weekend Bag, Cream & ClaretThe Weekend Bag, Cream & Claret
The Suede Weekend Bag: TanThe Suede Weekend Bag: Tan
The Suede Weekend Bag: Tan Sale price£995.00