• We believe in things made to last, built to be loved. The things that live with us, carry our memories and have true, deep and real value.
  • We believe in the joy of anticipation; the waiting because beautiful things take time to make.
  • We believe that less in more and that small is beautiful.
  • We believe in genuine quality, pure relationships, sustainable business.
  • We believe in making London Velvet a bit of you; a unique and independent work of art. 

Our Take on Sustainability

  • We take the future of the planet seriously and sustainability is a hugely important pillar for London Velvet.
  • Because each of our pieces are made to order, we never have excess stock or fabric, helping us eliminate overproduction and landfill waste.
  • We believe in the value of investment and the concept of buy well, buy less.
  • A London Velvet piece is a versatile and wearable piece of art that you’ll treasure forever.