London Velvet

The Backpack

Colour: Black & Cream

Design your own London Velvet backpack, from the colour of the piping to the velvet lining on the straps and what you put on the front.  

The front pocket is big enough to fit your kindle or your favourite soft back book – just probably not a hardback John Grisham. The straps are luxuriously padded and lined with our signature velvet, the zips both run two ways and come complete with beautifully handcrafted leather tassels. The padded back will ensure you don’t feel your belongings indenting your back when you are lugging your life around. 

We designed this backpack using premium quality vegetan dyed calf leather, which has a soft, supple quality and ages beautifully. The longer you own your bag, the better it will look – it will age with you and forever be full of character. 

The backpack comes packaged in one of our 100% linen dust bags and we’d recommend that you store your backpack in its dust bag when you’re not using it. But actually, we’re pretty confident that once you have it, you won’t want to take it off. 

Exceptionally comfy, tasteful yet personal to you, made and designed by you for you. The ultimate companion for your daily travels and adventures.
Up to a 13inch laptop in it's Laptop Case. Laptop Charger, Gym Kit, Book, keys, mask, hand sanitiser, Wallet & Phone.
On your commute, take it for a stroll with friends, pack your picnic, handsfree whilst cycling, take it to dinner smart or shabby. It'll fit the bill wherever you are. 

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