London Velvet’s core mission is simple: we exist to create wearable craft that’s unique to anything else out there. What started as an accessories label in 2017 has now become a fully-fledged bespoke brand, using leather and velvet to create truly personalised pieces that last a lifetime. Our multifunctional collection offers everything from one-of-a-kind backpacks and leather portfolios to journals, guest books and more. It’s timeless, it’s cool, it’s chic: it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. 
I founded the brand as a reaction to the ‘buy now, wear quickly’ trend that I could see my generation starting to adopt. I didn’t want to look like a carbon copy of all of my friends, so I started exploring the idea of making unique, second-to-none pieces that have often been described as wearable art. 

From the perfect birthday present to a piece that’ll become the bible of all of your thoughts, I’m proud that London Velvet is a one-of-a-kind brand on a mission. Sustainability is a core component of what we do and in a bid to undo the detrimental damage that the world of fast fashion has done on the planet, each piece is made to order – so no material is wasted, no bulk fabric is ordered and nothing ends up in landfill. 
I work closely with some of the most renowned and skilled artisans in Turkey and my own background in design means that I take enormous pleasure in the process of curating and designing pieces for a client. Whatever you’re in the market for, I hope that London Velvet can be a part of your story. Because what you wear deserves to be as unique as you are.