London Velvet

The Mask x HDG

Colour: Navy Blue

Limited Edition 

Masks are going to be around for a while right and we want to promote buy once buy better... Our take on the mask is here! Forget the throwaway mask. We bring you a carefully tailored leather mask*, with an adjustable strap behind your neck. We asked our talented friend Haut De Gamme to hand write some of his much loved Covid-19 miniature series onto 5 of our new masks. This is a limited edition collection, so get your LV X HDG mask now, so you don't miss out..

The leather is creamy and soft, making for what may surprise some as a very comfortable mask. Masks are supplied with a re-usable washable orange lining that can be inserted and removed, there is even a little pocket there if you wanted to add an extra filter. 

*non clinical

As part of our mantra, we believe in making to order. Minimising waste and only using materials by demand.
Therefore all our orders take up to 4 weeks for delivery from the date of purchase.


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